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Buy Epilators Online at the Best Prices in Dubai, UAE

An epilator is a handy tool to get rid of body hair quickly and effectively. The epilator is a compact hair removal device that can get rid of body hair on your face, legs, or other body parts. It doesn't just get rid of unwanted hair but also helps you get smoother skin by going beyond the skin's surface to get rid of the hair from the hair follicle.

If you are looking to buy an epilator online, Jumbo Electronics has some of the best epilators for women and products that are ideal for use on the face and the body. Here's a look at the best epilators for home hair removal and the deals you can get at Jumbo Electronics! 

Which Features are to be looked at While Buying an Epilator? 

When considering the best epilator brand for your personal beauty routine, some of the key features you should look into are:

  • Rechargeable: Does the epilator have a rechargeable lithium battery, or does it need AA/AAA batteries to operate? Each has its unique benefit, but rechargeable epilators are always ideal since you can quickly charge them before use anywhere.

  • Noise: While most epilators make some noise thanks to the rollers and blades, it is ideal to opt for devices that make less noise so you can use them anywhere without disturbing others.

  • Corded or Cordless: Epilators are offered in both corded and cordless options. However, it is ideal to opt for the cordless epilator, which is more flexible and easy to use. Braun epilators for women are cordless and will not require any wires as long as they are fully charged.

  • Dry or Wet: Wet and dry epilators are products that work on both wet and dry skin, making them comfortable for use after a shower or before a bath, as per your requirements.

  • Tweezer Count: In modern epilators, tweezers replace metallic rotating discs, making them more efficient and easier to use. Pick epilators with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 72 tweezers.

  • Budget/price: While epilators' budget and cost vary according to the requirement and features included in the product, it is ideal to choose an epilator that is apt for your condition, even if it may be a little above budget. Check out the Braun epilator price in the UAE to understand which best fits your needs and budget.

Shop for Epilators Online at Jumbo Electronics 

When you shop for epilators online at Jumbo Electronics, you can get the best options and brands and compare each personal care product to help you choose the ideal choice. Using the features mentioned here, sort or filter Braun epilators for women and buy high-quality epilators at the best prices in the UAE. 


  1. 1. Which epilator is best?

Although several brands are available, Braun epilators for women are an ideal option since they house multiple features with exceptional product quality and are suitable for long-term use.

  1. 2. What is the difference between epilator and waxing?

There are two options to remove body and facial hair - waxing or epilating. While waxing involves the use of wax that sticks to your hair and needs to be pulled off, epilating uses blades and specially-designed technology to achieve super smooth skin and get rid of hair. Since it is pain-free, epilating is ideal to perform at home.

  1. 3. Which epilator is better, corded or cordless?

Epilators are offered in both corded and cordless options. However, it is ideal to opt for the cordless epilator, which is more flexible and easy to use.

  1. 4. Where to buy an epilator online in the UAE?

While you can buy an epilator at any electronics and retail outlet in UAE, buying an epilator online at Jumbo Electronics is hassle-free and even enables you to compare multiple products and features, enabling you to pick the option that's best suited for your needs.