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Buy Food Processors Online for The Best Deals on Jumbo Electronics

If you are looking for an innovative and faster way of cooking and chopping vegetables and fruits every day, you should invest in a food processor! Also, food processors are the best gadgets if you love silky-smooth fruit smoothies and vegetable soups. You can also use this shredding cheese, carrots, and other vegetables like cabbage for your coleslaw!   You can shop for the best food processors for smoothies and soups from Kenwood, KitchenAid, and Philips. You also have Nutricook Smart Pot EKO and Instant Pot Zest Plus, rice cookers, and instant pot models when you crave simple recipes like mixed herb rice, fried garlic rice, and so on!  Shop online at Jumbo Electronics for the best food processor in the UAE for amazing deals, offers, and quick food preparation.

What Is the Difference Between A Food Processor And A Blender? 

At first glance, both food processors and blenders will look identical. But are they? No, as these are meant for different purposes. Food processors have interchangeable blades and a big bowl. These can be used for shredding cheese and carrots, mince herbs and nuts, carrot and ginger julienne, and more! Food processors are the best if you want chunky dips, salsas, and salads. You can shred, chop, and slice it in a food processor.   

Blenders, on the other hand, are for pureeing. Their single, upward-pointing blade, housed in a tall, narrow jar, is perfect for making soups. You can get velvety and silky-smooth smoothies from vegetables and fruits. These are also great for grinding your pulses into fine flour. Blenders make your dips and soups smooth like a dollop of butter.  


Which Brand Is Best for Food Processors?

High-end range food processor:

  • KitchenAid: Renowned for durability and powerful motors, this brand is pricier. You can choose the 5KFP0719 model on Jumbo for the best results. 
  • Kenwood: Known for versatility with multiple attachments and robust performance and has powerful models like FDP65.880SI and FDP65.400WH 

Mid-Range food processor: 

  • Moulinex: This brand delivers the best models and is worth their prices. You can try the Double Force model, which is perfect for a family of four!  
  • You can try Nutricook Rapid Egg Cooker, which can prepare eggs quickly! You can cook seven eggs at a time.  

Budget-Friendly food processor:

  • Black+Decker: This is affordable with basic functionalities and ideal for everyday use: models 5-in-1 and FX400BMG-B5 for the best results.  
  • Philips: Offers decent power and features for the best prices. You can opt for HR7778 with a sizeable 3.4-liter bowl, which is ideal for parties!  

Remember to choose your food processor based on motor power, bowl capacity, blade variety, warranty, and more.



What is the difference between a food processor and a mixer grinder?

Food processor chops, shreds, and slices are great for chunky and textured ingredients. Mixer grinder blends, kneads, and grinds are meant for smooth mixtures and wet ingredients.

What is a food processor used for?

You can use your food processor for chopping, shredding, pulsing, and pureeing. You can cut and crack some tough nuts with your food processor!  

Can I use my blender as a food processor?

All blenders can make a puree and work better for chopping, too. But for the best results, a food processor is the best in achieving precise slicing.