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Shop for the Latest Gaming Accessories in UAE From Jumbo Electronics

The UAE is a hub for cutting-edge gaming accessories in the evolving gaming landscape. From enhancing the console experience with a dedicated remote for the PS5 to providing ergonomic and stylish mats for extended gaming sessions, you can find many accessories to make your gaming sessions exciting.   

It would help to have RGB mouse pads, high-performance gaming mice, keyboards with customizable keys, and immersive headsets for PC gaming. It would help to have HD cameras for the PS5 that elevate streaming and communication experiences. For gaming in Dubai or the UAE, head to the Jumbo website, where you can find thousands of accessories for the best prices!

Must have accessories for PS5 in 2024

The must-have accessories for the PS5 have evolved to enhance the gaming experience and optimize the console's capabilities. First and foremost, an additional DualSense controller is one of the essentials for multiplayer gaming and uninterrupted sessions.  

Hardcore gamers need SSDs for more storage, to store and access hundreds of games spanning at least the last five years. Advanced cooling solutions, such as fans or stands with built-in fans, are popular in the market now to maintain optimal temperature and prevent overheating during prolonged gaming sessions.  

Immersive accessories like virtual reality (VR) headsets compatible with the PS5 offer intense graphics. You can also invest in custom faceplates and skins for a personalized touch to customize the look of your PS5 console. These accessories can elevate your gaming experience this year!

Other recommendations

Here are a few different products which you can add to your cart:

Your gaming sessions will get tedious with the usual keyboard with no RGB lights. Let your keyboard help you beat the opponents by creating stylish and bright lighting to get you into the gaming vibe! Try the Razer Ornata V3 X and Razer Huntsman Mini keyboard models.  

Though you might have a smooth desk setup ready for your intense weekend gaming sessions, it will get better if you have desk mats like Logitech desk mats, available for just AED 109. A few games can have highly intense sounds that may need to be received better in your regular headphones. This is why many gamers have headsets that are specifically designed for gaming. In this series, the best models include the Logitech G735, Razer Kraken V3, and HP 400 Pavilion, and you can find a hundred more on our website!